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Just a little Teen Wolf doodle.

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3b best of: Sheriff Stilinski.

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I kind of feel like Scott and Stiles are those kind of bros who would make out with each other without it implicating anything, like perhaps it doesn’t feel as weird as it should; but it changes nothing in their relationship.

The first time Isaac walked in on Scott and Stiles kissing, he froze in the doorway unsure. Should he back up? Should he go in? Should he come back in and make noise to alert them? Should he just go up to his room and pretend it never happened?

The decision is taken out of his hands when they draw away slowly, savoring the last pull of lips. The soft sound of separation accompanying their eyes opening and finding focus again. They turn as one, casual as you please and greet him like they hadn’t just been tongue deep in one another’s faces. Scott grins and beckons him over and Stiles greets him with a cheery word or two and shuffles over to make room on the couch.

The second time, they’re in the kitchen, and Scott has Stiles pressed up against the cabinets, seated on the countertop. Like the first time, it’s unhurried, lazy, indulgent and lingering. Stiles hands are in Scott’s hair, and Scott’s arms are around his hips.

“Water’s burning,” Scott mumbles against Stiles’ lips.

“That’s because you can’t cook,” Stiles replies.

By the third time, it can’t possibly be coincidental. They’re in the locker room and Stiles is lain out over a bench, head in Scott’s lap. They pull away a little more quickly this time, more alert at school, but relax when they recognize him.

"Hey, man, nice moves today," says Stiles. He flicks a finger against the underside - uneven portion - of Scott’s jaw. Without pause, Scott shoves him unceremoniously off the bench.

"Are you two dating?" Isaac asks, still unsure.

The faces they give him are priceless, and even more confusing.

"Um, Isaac, I don’t know where you’re getting your facts but, Scott’s my best friend."

"This is the third time I’ve caught you making out,” Isaac defends. “Do you just fool around then?”

Scott clears his throat, bringing Isaac’s eyes to him. He can’t tell if it’s a reprimand or a response. Scott doesn’t make anything more clear by the way he looks at him.

"We prefer the term, Advanced Emotional Support," Stiles corrects him.

Isaac’s brows come together. “Is it a wolf thing?”

"It is now," Stiles replies, hopping to his feet. He stretches, long and full bodied and shakes himself out. "I’ve got to get to detention. This school system, guys…getting so you can’t even point out the obvious anymore." He leans down to grab his bag and pecks Scott on the lips in full view of the Beta. "Wait for me."

"Yeah," Scott agrees. "Don’t take too long."

"I can’t help it if no one appreciates the value of information any more!" he calls in farewell, waving over his shoulder and heading out.

Isaac shifts, not quite sure what to do now.

Scott exhales and reaches for his bag, standing and shrugging it over one shoulder. “Wanna grab something to eat?”

"Sure," Isaac replies, still somewhat confused. But, that’s par for the course with Scott and Stiles and one day, he’s sure, he’ll be allowed a glance at the playbook of their relationship. He only hopes when that day comes that it’ll be legible.

Reading this fic gave me the same feels staring at this picture did:


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Flowers for Allison
→ Day 6: One underrated moment (1x04)

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nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes. (wp)

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just be happy and watch star wars together ()

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TEEN WOOF by Madeline Hrybyk

(watch it. i’m serious)

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graphics battle ↔ vs thestilinskimen
     ↳ negative space, loneliness, color: #257c5c
inspired by x

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New fic up on the AO3! 

Public Displays of Affection
7K Sterek public sex pwp! 

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Things are different now...
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