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e is for everyone emotive [x]

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wahhh i just noticed this blog has 500 followers!! 

heres a quick skittles doodle i did while eating my breakfast to show i love u

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post-battle make-outs!!

though you’d think they’d get cleaned up first i mean jesus scott your wounds might heal quick but the blood doesn’t just magically disappear

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You’re my best friend,
                                and  I  n e e d  y o u .

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"Oops! I meant Sciles* 3"


3. Art School AU (NSFW under the cut)

Scott McCall Appreciation Ficlets

"Are you… uh… completely sure this is how you want me?" Stiles flushed brilliant pink from the bottom of his bare chest up to the high jut of his cheekbones. He sprawled grandly over a dropcloth that Scott had stayed up all night painting, gold and silver paint still slightly wet against his bare ass and shoulder blades. 

"Arch up for me?" Scott smiled, camera blocking his face. Stiles tried to smile back, he did, but this - being naked in front of his best friend, sprawled out and debauched looking like they had been - like Scott had been - 

"Amazing. God, you’re gorgeous dude. This is great." The sound of the shudder clicking filled Stiles’ ears as he tried to hold his position, moved where Scott told him to, wet paint and canvas caressing his skin.

"Want to see you," Scott cooed, snapping one shot after the other. "Show me? What do you look like after…?"

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anonymous requested -  AU: The one when they save Stiles from the nogitsune by turning him and Scott keeps smelling Eichen House and the nogitsune on Stiles so when ever they’re alone he pins Stiles to bed or wall(or whatever surface is closest to them) and starts scent marking him in way he can

Well, this is so not what you requested but… Hope you like it?
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special days


Scott taking extra care around the date when Stiles’ mum died, looking after him with food and hugs and meaningless (but actually kind of meaningful) distractions. It gets Stiles through the years, being able to spend time with someone he loves and being looked after even after she is gone.

Then one day when they are all grown up (and dating because it is an inevitable and brilliant reality) Scott travels all the way from his college to spend the day with Stiles because he knows that the anniversary is especially hard on him and also tradition and stuff. At the end of the day after spending it together and close and making each other laugh even through sad feelings Stiles asks Scott to come outside with him and of course Scott does. Stiles leading him to the local park quietly, and when he leads him to trees lit up with fairy lights and lanterns lining the path Scott doesn’t really know what to think, grasps his boyfriend’s hand even tighter. Then Stiles thanking Scott for looking after him for so long on the day he needs it most, and every time in between, and says he only hopes he can do the same for Scott for a long time to come Scott can’t really find the words to say. Stiles getting on one knee and asking Scott to marry him and Scott whispers an ‘of course’ through happy tears and they actually get a happily ever after, just like in all great love stories.

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plot bunny

stiles gets amnesia. the only thing he remembers is the name scott. stiles assumes that’s his own name.

everything is sad forever.

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Okay but imagine Beacon Hill High is doing a charity carnival at the school, and Scott volunteers to be in the dunk tank. He comes out and drops his robe, to reveal tight pink underwear. Stiles really wants to make a joke but realizes his dick is getting hard, he tries to think of something else but the minute Scott is dunked and gets out, the whole outline of his junk is revealed. Stiles can’t fight his full stiff hard on now. When Scott goes to the locker room to dry off, Stiles follows him and grabs Scott immediately and starts making out with him. Scott is surprised for a second but goes along with it, soon they are in the shower with Scott fucking Stiles against the wall.

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*~* S P O O K T O B E R *~*

Low budget costume for one of my favorite pairings! Stiles has two Oni dolls on his shoulders and Scott a ribs bones (is that redundant? I dont mean the food) graphic tee :3 They are of course mocking their evil selves.

Prompt [3/?]: "Stiles dressed as the nogitsune and Scott dressed as a beserker" - ionsquare 

For more information about this project, “Spooktober”, go here or send me an ask! And don’t forget to visit the tag!

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