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Because I felt powerful. I felt fearless.

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3x02 | 4x03

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Scott and Stiles during lacrosse tryouts

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Not without you.
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i drew this for razz. it’s skittles. they’re boyfriends. scott’s a mermaid. bye

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In Your Smile’s Embrace [A Sciles Fanmix]: [Listen] [Download] [Alt. Download] [Cover] [Back Cover]

About: I want to emphasize the feelings i get from Scott and Stiles’ relationship. The songs should feel as a cohesive piece of warmth, affection, devotion and tentative first love. There’s a rise a fall, a little action and a bit of their mischief and teenage rebellion. Although the order is not necessarily important it does convey a little storyline and a bit of a theme with the current composition. Recommend for iTunes. Big thanks to the supportive and wonderful mmandibles, whittemore and martianspyder My first fanmix ever, please enjoy!

1. At Long Last You - Justin Nozuka | 2. Fingerprint - Leona Lewis | 3. You Give Me Something - James Morrison | 4. I Would Do Anything For You - Foster The People | 5. We Could Be Amazing - Andy Grammer | 6. If There Was No You - Brandi Carlie | 7. King and Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men | 8. Endless Summer - The Jezabels | 9. They Bring Me To You - Joshua Radin | 10. Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk

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Sciles in 4x02

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while talking about other ridiculous ways Scott could get a beta, it was brought to my attention that Scott’s 6th beta is obviously when Scott bites Stiles on the ass. (better question: how has Scott not ALREADY bitten Stiles’s booty?)

and my brain starting ticking.

"I can’t be a werewolf!" Stiles wails. "I’m barely any good at being a human!" His eyes are flashing in and out with distress, yellow-brown-yellow-brown-yellow-brown.

"Definitely a werewolf," Deaton says. Derek thinks they can probably trust that proclamation, since lycanthropy appears to be Deaton’s one area of expertise. That and magic trees. 

"It’s going from easy mode to difficult mode!" Stiles continues. He’s wringing his hands, and Kira is nodding gravely while looking sympathetic. "I don’t have the coordination for difficult mode!"

"Maybe you will now?" Scott suggests. He looks a little sheepish, and wilts when Stiles glares at him.

"How did you even bite him?" Derek asks. Like Liam hadn’t been ridiculous enough.


Both Scott and Stiles are suddenly avoiding eye contact. Glancing at the ceiling.


"It was an… accident?" Scott says after a moment, and its not precisely a lie.

Lydia’s eyes narrow. “You had an accident while in your Beta shift?”


"Alpha shift?" Stiles ventures.

And behind everyone Peter is fucking grinning at them likes it Christmas.

basically I need at least 5k of Stiles and Scott trying to explain they were having really kinky sex and Scott got a little too into it. I would read that.

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