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"skittles + spooning/cuddling/etc"


i pretty much think that if scott and stiles are in the same room they’re touching. like, whatever it is that might mean.

when they’re in the locker room they’re so close that their shoulders are touching, when they’re playing video games stiles has his legs slung over scott’s knees or his feet in scott’s lap or a hand in front of scott’s face and on his controller trying to fuck him up. arms slung around each other at the local diner, fingers touching on the arm rest between them in the jeep, stiles lifted on scott’s shoulder in the pool, and when it’s darker: always calling out for each other during fights, holding hands when it’s quiet and they’re waiting for another attack because they know it’s coming, dragging their injured selves to each other across dusty floors when it’s all over.

when it’s just them, coming down after lacrosse or patching up wounds, scott presses his chest to stiles’ back and kisses his neck and curls up tight around him, winding their feet together so they’re just kind of tangled all over. when they’re feeling silly they built forts in the middle of the room and tell dumb ghost stories that they used to be scared of while stiles lays with his head on scott’s chest and scott plays with his hair. there’s a lot of playing with hair when they’re together.

sometimes, after scott gets really good at training his senses and focusing in on sounds and specific voices, after stiles has had a hard day he’ll lay down in bed and just start talking to scott even though scott’s a couple streets away in his own bed. it doesn’t matter, stiles knows he’s listening, so he just talks until scott gets there and climbs in his window and curls up in bed behind him. maybe one of the magic werewolf healing things is that scott’s arm never falls asleep, and since he likes scenting so much anyway he just buries his face in stiles’ hair and breathes until they’re both okay again. 

also i think a lot about them doing something, reading a book or whatever, with stiles sitting in the space between scott’s legs. like with his back pressed to scott’s chest, they’ll sit there and flip through a dumb magazine or watch a movie like that, so stiles can rest his head on scott’s shoulder. that’s how i always picture them.

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My art for the scilesreversebang!

Unfortunately neither of my authors were able to finish their stories, but I wanted to share my art with you guys anyways. 

My art is based on this post: 

brotp? oh, yeah. okay. they’re totally a brotp. best bros. bros for life. bros MARRIED for life. bros who make out all the time. bros who confess their feelings on a summer night in a field of tall grass. it was windy and there were fireflies

Thanks to the mods of the Sciles Reverse Bang for running this challenge :)

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I really really reallllly want a nice Scott + Stiles moment in the finale because I love those two to death and we haven’t even seen them together for like … three or four episodes now? I’d love it if Stiles was the one to bring Scott out of berserker mode, but since I never get what I want, I decided to draw it out instead. Very cathartic. BRING ON THE FINALE.

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they’re driving us into the ground, to see if anything walks away

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Skittles + being separated 

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long live the car crash hearts

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So I finally finished that fanfic! (whoa, alliteration).

It was completely based on a post/psuedoconversation with lozenger8 and ended up being 6k long, which was at least 3k more than I was expecting. I am never convinced I write hanky panky so well but I think the beginning is good and just…read it, would you? There’s a pal.

It is here: i only need to get half an excuse

On second thought, why don’t you screw each other?

Maybe those weren’t the precise words. Stiles can’t remember. His mind doesn’t cling to details like that without a lot of persuading. His mind doesn’t usually cling to anything without a lot of persuading. Every so often, though, every so often, something wedges itself into his thoughts and memories like a bruise deep under the skin; invisible until it’s touched. It flares up unexpectedly. It catches him off-guard. This is one of those things, a bruise on his memory, maybe a hickey even. He finds himself considering it at odd moments, trying to take a mental tally of the pros and the cons of he and Scott. Doing the do. The horizontal mambo. Making the beast with two backs…

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Oh, the things we invent when we are scared and want to be rescued.

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[wallpaper version of this]

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show me your teeth, show me your claws
              break all my bones, break all my laws
       show me your darkest heart 

♥ scott/stiles serial killer au for lydia. happy birthday, have some murder boys. ♥

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Not gonna lie, sometimes I really want to write an AU where Scott’s a teacher and Stiles the dad of one of his students. Scott’s been campaigning heavily to be allowed to do an iPad trial run, which Stiles is fully on board, because children are the future, yo, and the future is NOW. (When Stiles says this, Scott just kinda blinks at him, smiles, and then says ‘okay!’ Stiles can hear the exclamation mark.)

Stiles is in marketing and offers to help Scott with his presentation to the PTA, so they start spending a lot of time together.

Read More

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