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Sick!Stiles helping Scott with some school work

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Because Sciles is cute. <3 Also I got a new tablet and wanted to see what I could accomplish with it.

This piece also has a bunch of elements I tend to struggle with: 1)Male anatomy/hands 2)Two people interacting physically 3) foreshortening X_xBut I like it, all things considered. :)

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(i’m not saying ‘anchors’ but…)

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new fic: the ties that hold your mind and mouth give out


the ties that hold your mind and mouth give out (1913 words) by verity
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Melissa McCall, Derek Hale
Additional Tags: Directedverse, Established Relationship, True Alpha Scott McCall, Sub Stiles, Dom/sub Undertones, Xeno, Full Shift Werewolves, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings
Series: Part 2 of directedverse skittles

"It’s rare that our kind can take the wolf form," Derek says seriously. "The full shift isn’t for power, Scott—it’s a way to experience the purest form of our nature."

Scott searches for words that aren’t but my boyfriend just wants the purest form of my dick.


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Shower sex with Scott & Stiles from Teen Wolf…

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Cause…we were all… in Mexico.

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but seriously guys I was really confused when this did not happen?

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within all the darkness of my life, i had found the brilliant spot of light that pushed away the shadows (x)

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A set of commissions of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski in scenes from (contains some mature content) ;-) 

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Jock Strap: Chapter 1 Coffee Break

By Tmautog and Truebornalpha

Art by Rouvere

Pictures 1234

Teen Wolf Season 1 AU: Scott and Stiles didn’t meet until high school, Scott the asthmatic outcast and Stiles the popular jock. What would it be like if Stiles didn’t grow up with the boy who taught him how to be kind and Scott never had anyone to teach him to be brave?

Content Warning: Explicit Smut, First Time

When Stiles told McCall that they’d be studying, the biggest worry he had was that McCall would bring books. Forty-five minutes after their supposed meeting time, two large root beers and a nervous tick that looked too much like a snarl later, Stiles was willing to concede that he had bigger problems to deal with. He’d gotten dressed for this. He’d buffed his Jeep (or gotten it buffed, same thing). He’d found the one diner that served little umbrellas in their milkshakes. It was the stupid sort of thing he thought McCall would appreciate, and maybe, Stiles could appreciate it, too.

Self-righteous anger was more difficult to maintain before the age of cellphones. Stiles had stared at a stubbornly blank screen for so long, he hadn’t noticed the ice in his drink melt.

There was always the chance that McCall had gotten lost or ran into an emergency, or something else equally - reasonable. Except McCall was the reasonable sort of boy who’d have sent word. Stiles decided to not be.

Which was how he had gotten McCall bundled into the front seat of his Jeep, floppy haired and vaguely confused, and he regretted having so much sugar in his system when he could have had something sweeter. With dry disinterest and more nonchalance than he really felt, Stiles pointed out, “If you showed up earlier, you’d already know.”

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and as the years go by
our friendship will never die
you’re gonna see it’s our destiny
you’ve got a friend in me

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where you been, cain?
where you been?
where’s your brother?

HI LONG TIME NO ART??? i’ve been alternating between doing art for BBP or being super artblocked, and i’m only just getting through it fjhkjdsfds and my laptop kinda crashed and burned, so this is the first thing i’ve finished on my new computer \o/

i’ve been enjoying season 4 of teen wolf a whole lot and i wanted to get something done in time for the finale. the song that plays over the final scene of 4x11 is “cain” by cousin marnie and it really made me want to draw scott & stiles

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"skittles + spooning/cuddling/etc"


i pretty much think that if scott and stiles are in the same room they’re touching. like, whatever it is that might mean.

when they’re in the locker room they’re so close that their shoulders are touching, when they’re playing video games stiles has his legs slung over scott’s knees or his feet in scott’s lap or a hand in front of scott’s face and on his controller trying to fuck him up. arms slung around each other at the local diner, fingers touching on the arm rest between them in the jeep, stiles lifted on scott’s shoulder in the pool, and when it’s darker: always calling out for each other during fights, holding hands when it’s quiet and they’re waiting for another attack because they know it’s coming, dragging their injured selves to each other across dusty floors when it’s all over.

when it’s just them, coming down after lacrosse or patching up wounds, scott presses his chest to stiles’ back and kisses his neck and curls up tight around him, winding their feet together so they’re just kind of tangled all over. when they’re feeling silly they built forts in the middle of the room and tell dumb ghost stories that they used to be scared of while stiles lays with his head on scott’s chest and scott plays with his hair. there’s a lot of playing with hair when they’re together.

sometimes, after scott gets really good at training his senses and focusing in on sounds and specific voices, after stiles has had a hard day he’ll lay down in bed and just start talking to scott even though scott’s a couple streets away in his own bed. it doesn’t matter, stiles knows he’s listening, so he just talks until scott gets there and climbs in his window and curls up in bed behind him. maybe one of the magic werewolf healing things is that scott’s arm never falls asleep, and since he likes scenting so much anyway he just buries his face in stiles’ hair and breathes until they’re both okay again. 

also i think a lot about them doing something, reading a book or whatever, with stiles sitting in the space between scott’s legs. like with his back pressed to scott’s chest, they’ll sit there and flip through a dumb magazine or watch a movie like that, so stiles can rest his head on scott’s shoulder. that’s how i always picture them.

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