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i fucking live for clean shaven dickface peter hale, aspiring would-be junior partner of a law firm, shmoozing and generally douchebagging it up with the elites of the city, getting his name out there and passing out his business cards like fucking candy.

and then stiles. the only son of mayor stilinski. 

peter drying his hands at the bathroom sink, taking his time because there’s some gossiping going on at the urinals. peter hears things about stiles, things his dear daddy would be appalled to find out.

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let me tell you a thing

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working thirteen hour night shifts is like. i can’t even explain the weird things it’s done to my body. i am so sleep deprived and i switch back to day shifts tomorrow morning.

so i’m going to sleep, forever. and then get back to the messages i got while i was gone.

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i forgot today was monday

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It feels weird but cool to be able to add something to a post that’s making the rounds. Also pretty amused that I’m doing it at 1:30am.

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hey anon

i’d love to keep going like, forever. but i have to be awake again in six hours, so i’m gonna have to cut this short. sorry about that.

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god i’m tired


so tired.

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omfg plot bunny!anon

hold that thought okay. imma be right back. i gotta get something to eat and shift laundry into the dryer BUT WE NEED TO HAVE A DISCUSS

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i’m also wearing heels while i iron because i need to break them in before i try wearing them at work.

wow it’s like i’m an adult.

pretty sure today’s an outlier.

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i’m ironing. shit is bizarre

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one time, a guy in my math class passed me his graphing calculator — you know, the kind that will also let you type in letters? he’d drawn out a pair of boobs and added a note asking if i would let him see my boobs.

obviously not.

long story short: he’s now on the sex offender’s list for exposing himself to an underage girl

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alrighty brosistapeeps

i’m outy for the night. it’s been real.


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i’m texting my mom to discover other weird facts about me

apparently i am related by marriage to one of the previous presidents of singapore (which is, yes, a city, but it’s a sovereign one and totally has presidents.)

also my grandfather was adopted by 3 sisters who didn’t marry for the longest time and the one of them married a dude just because their business did better if it had a male figurehead. spinsters. my family history is a fairytale.

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there was a guy in my high school. i wasn’t friends with him by any stretch of the imagination, but he was one of those everybody knows him types. it was probably because he looked like he’d been held back a few times because i swear to god, he looked twenty.

but you know, it could’ve easily been because he was a punky white boy who was tall and kind of lanky limbed and he wore beads in his hair and had a tongue piercing.


one time he was telling everyone that his summer job was to water some guy’s backyard garden while naked.

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so i went to a wedding with snow as her plus one

family was mostly nice (including the bride and groom!) except for the few homophobic peeps that liked to make assumptions without asking politely. and i was all too happy to be even more touchy feely with snow because i am an asshole.

long story short: i’m in a lot of the wedding photos because i caught the bouquet and the most homophobic lady of them all had to serve me cake

also i’m pretty sure everyone there thinks that snow and i are gonna get married

marrying you is my backup plan, honey, tbh

thank god, too. i’m hardly in a position to be a breadwinner of any kind.

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