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seeing your NOTP (that you hate) on your dash, but understanding that it’s their opinion and ur not a hater


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*closes fridge door and hears stuff fall in it*

well… sounds like a problem for the next person

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Opening a story file to work on it after not touching it for months.


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Female comics are my life

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I’m just like:


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If you think a blog is “popular” and are afraid to message them because of that, just remember that most likely right that moment that blogger is in sweatpants, eating mac and cheese, and marathoning an entire season of a TV show on Netflix.

Your message would probably be one of the highlights of their day.

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Everything I like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, expensive or impossible.

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do u ever have a thought that’s so fuckin inappropriate that u feel like dumping a bucket of water on urself like. calm down, self. tone it down. think about jesus

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I hate it when you get too fucked up from drinking and then you can’t drink certain drinks anymore because it tastes like that time you almost died. 

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it doesn’t matter how many “pretend to be dating” fics i read, i’m always fucking in it headfirst every time and i fall for that shit every time. i know the pattern i know the plot twists i know what’s gonna happen but every single fucking time i’m fucking on the edge of my seat wide-eyed whispering like “what’s gonna happen are they gonna fall in love” to myself like of course they are you fucking idiot this happens EVERY TIME but as soon as i see the description and it’s like “x person and x person pretend to do the dating” it’s eternal sunshine of the stupidest fucking mind over here

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did you know that bashing my ship increases your chances of changing my opinion by 0%

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When a fic that you thought died starts updating again


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