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009. Hero

"I know that you are quite the loner, Batman, but next time, don’t run off on your own."

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(Submitted by injoyandsorrow)

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009. Hero

“I know that you are quite the loner, Batman, but next time, don’t run off on your own.”

I just … I love them, I really do.

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unruhe-r asked: Teen Wolf, Erica/Stiles, he likes that she’s rough with him.


Stiles doesn’t want a girl to cradle him in her arms and promise to be gentle; he wants this, he wants to be pushed, he wants his clothes to shred, he wants powerful thighs to trap his legs between them and draw him up like a vacuum. It’s Erica who gives him what he wants, every time, all vamp and vixen with bright cherry lips and strength she shouldn’t possess. Against a wall, on a table, nowhere she should take him and nowhere he should willingly go, but he’s always pulling in a thin breath, mouthing “yeah” and “that’s good” before she crushes her mouth under his. She pulls his cock out with impatient hands, doesn’t stroke him so much as tugs him up into unbearable hardness, until he’s straining and grunting, saying “Come on, Erica, just fucking do it.”

And when she fucking does it, he’s lucky to have breath to survive it, much less speak.

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Shy is not a word Erica would’ve thought to associate with Stiles. Spastic, maybe, a little awkward, flailing, but not shy.

And yet.

They had been making out for a while when she pulled her shirt over her head and he had just sort of. Stopped. He was looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen and he didn’t know what to do with her. Which, while flattering, was not really what she was here for.

So she took his hand in hers (his gorgeous long fingered, blunt nailed hands that she’d thought about more than once while sliding her own fingers into her wet cunt) and pressed it to her breast, warm and sensitive beneath their hands, her nipple hard through the bra and pressing against his palm, and smiled when his breath caught.

“C’mon, Batman. I’m not gonna break.”

A grin curled to life on his lips (a mouth she couldn’t wait to have on her) and he leaned in and started kissing her again, squeezing her breast gently as he did. She moaned softly into his mouth, and the shyness seemed to have only been temporary, his other hand skimming over her ribs and sliding up her back, exploring her bare skin.

(Stiles/Erica, little not-quite-porn in response to this gorgeous gorgeous picture)

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codename: r.o.: verstehen1 replied to your post: R, W, and…ZI’d ship Boyd/Stiles more…


verstehen1 replied to your post: R, W, and…Z

I’d ship Boyd/Stiles more if I didn’t didn’t like Erica so much. THREESOME THO. Also, I’d read the hell out of a Stiles/Peter story where Stiles starts with the small stuff he knows Peter likes and then when that doesn’t work makes his way…

The threesome’s a little tentative at the beginning. Erica’s not completely over her crush on Stiles and Boyd is unsure about his place with Erica if Stiles agrees and Stiles is just like NEKKID TIME OHSHIT and wondering what it’s going to do to his relationships with Scott and his dad because (a) it’s totally not the usual teen romance and (b) werewolf rivals. But they fumble around, trading off dates for a while. Boyd and Erica go out on Tuesdays and Fridays and Stiles and Erica go out on Thursdays and Saturdays and on Sundays Erica makes all three of them get together to study and do homework. She’s also the one who convinces Stiles and Boyd they should probably go on a few dates of their own because “as much as I like being the beefcake filling, it’d be more fun if we could do stuff together. And that’s no going to happen until you two work your shit out.” So Stiles and Boyd go out on Wednesdays and it’s really weird at first, especially for Boyd who never saw himself as into guys at all, but then they start to actually get to know each other. Boyd picks up on how much competency seems to turn Stiles on and he gets a kick out of doing everything he can to turn Stiles on, especially when Erica’s there because it drives her wild when Stiles starts losing it. AND THEN THERE IS STUFF THAT HAPPENS WITH DEREK AND THE SHERIFF AND THEY HELP EACH OTHER THROUGH THE DISAPPROVAL AND WORRY OF AUTHORITY FIGURES. OR SOMETHING. 

Also, to get Peter’s attention, Stiles totally starts with the very conveniently right there Argents. It helps they fucked him over and he’s still a little pissed at Allison for the crazy she makes Scott. 

*screams a bit*

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I’d ship Boyd/Stiles more if I didn’t didn’t like Erica so much. THREESOME THO. Also, I’d read the hell out of a Stiles/Peter story where Stiles starts with the small stuff he knows Peter likes and then when that doesn’t work makes his way toward carnage

WELL I REALLY LIKE BOYD/ERICA TOO, but Stiles is my bicycle. THREESOME IS TOTALLY AN OPTION THO. Boyd would be like the rock between the wild and chaos that are Stiles and Erica, but they totally enjoy it.

ugh ugh Peter/Stiles though and Stiles being desperate for finding power where he can get it, but Derek won’t bite him and Deaton won’t teach him and Stiles doesn’t know that Ms Morrell is Up To Something and Peter is hands down the easiest and largest source of information around town and what will it take to get him to spill. It’d be easier if Peter liked him, right? Well Stiles is a likable guy. He can be very very likable, but Peter will always like him best when he’s dangerous.

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“Nice shot, Reyes, that Ravenclaw didn’t know what hit him!”

“That last curve ball wasn’t half bad, either, Stilinski. Too bad you hit the keeper.”

“…there was a gust of wind.”

“Sure, Batman, whatever you say. But Whittemore looks pissed  that Ravenclaw got a free pass for that.”

“Do you think he’ll bench me again? That was my first game in ages!”

“He looks murderous. I’ll bring flowers to your funeral.”



More Harry Potter AU

In love with this!!

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It’s true, I crave you.

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You’re only looking at my eyes..

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“I used to have to worst crush in the world on you. Yeah, you, Stiles. And you never once even noticed me.”

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having the best pornversation with Ro, about the whole pack going into heat, but on cycles so never at the same time, and Stiles is their sexual relief except it’s more him using them instead of them using him, because Stiles Just Wants To Have Many Good Times, Boyd has gloriously sensitive nipples, Jackson is very careful until Stiles starts pushing him, Isaac leaves it too long and comes to Stiles desperate to be fucked, Erica likes to be worshipped via Stiles’ mouth, Derek takes Stiles fast and rough because he’s not sure he should want it in the first place, Scott has bro-sex and wants to try out everything fun and new, like the time he sticks his tongue in Stiles’ ass and Stiles goes from LOL WUT to coming in like -seconds-, all in all an excellent way to spend an evening, much better than my previous plan to eat to much ice cream and be slightly bitter for no good reason, Scott has just realized that they could be having sex even when he’s not in heat, He’s quite happy about it

conversations with toni are my favorite ngl.

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