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i am in love with megan lara’s designs.

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It’s always you and her isn’t it? Long after the rest of us have gone.A boy and his box off to see the universe.

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Quick-ish study.

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But, every night, Doctor… when it gets dark, and the stars come out, I’ll look up… on her behalf. I’ll look up at the sky… and think of you.

My favourite Doctor Who companion. Rose’s story gets my every time but Donna’s is just devastating. I loved her and Ten’s relationship and banter. I also can’t help but completely buy into anything Catherine Tate does. Because she’s awesome. Yes she is.

Very rough, obviously. Many issues that I may go and fix later. I’m still trying to let go of art before it ends up like the chain mail debacle (never again…). About three hours in photoshop.

Also, ever got most of the way through a painting and realised that your screen brightness is turned down? Yeah. Not cool.

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I was commissioned by Big Chief Studios to do some more Doctor Who artwork for official BBC licensing! This is a portrait of the Tenth Doctor called “The Turn of the Universe,” it goes with my Eleventh portrait “The Roar of Our Stars.” (Ninth Doctor is also coming shortly in this series!)

Will be available to buy online as an official print from Big Chief Studios & BBC in the near future!!

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Say what you want about Donna but to me, she was incredibly insightful, and I still think she was the smartest companion.

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Doctor Who AU: Nine and Donna, adventures through time and sass

Come on, admit it, we’d all like to watch the sass-off between Nine and Donna.

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Calling it now Chef Ramsey is going to be the 12th Doctor

“get in the fucking tardis GOD”

“this planet is disgusting; bland, wet. it’s embarrassing” 

doctor, where are we?

“in the shit.” 

I’m okay with this

When facing a Dalek

“that’s not how you fucking use a whisk”

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