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Can we talk about how it’s been, what, 4? 5 years? since Castiel took over Jimmy’s body permanently.

That’s how long it has been since Claire lost her daddy. How old is she now? Late teens? Early twenties? She could be around your age right now and she is living her live without her father.

What if, one day, maybe during school trip, maybe she works parttime somewhere, and she catches the sight of a familiar trenchcoat? What if she hears the rumble of a car passing by and see a glimpse of a face that has been haunting her dreams every other night? What if her eyes meet with a pair of blue eyes, familiar but at the same time so unfamiliar?

Maybe she’ll stop herself from calling ‘Daddy’, because that’s not her daddy.

Maybe she’ll will her foot not to chase the black car, because that’s not her daddy.

Maybe she’ll close her eyes and look the other way, because she knows that’s not her daddy.

Because Claire knows, since the angel left her body years ago, since he walked away from that hunter saying he served Heaven, she knows that she won’t see her daddy ever again.


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here’s a quick reason why nothing is okay: Claire in Jimmy’s trenchcoat


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Favorite Supernatural Episodes [5/10]
   ”The Rapture

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The Rapture (4x20) - Jimmy and Claire Novak

Father and daughter. Hello and goodbye.

I was sobbing while making this gif set, okay.



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Disasterology - Claire [x]

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For the love of a daughter.

Details Here

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I have a family

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30 days of supernatural women | claire novak

(day 14) character who deserves their own spin-off
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and from his hollow eyes rose worlds
like oceans, like the heat
at the core of the earth. was it,
I wondered, like this -- 
like a last trick 
of the light -- 
he wished to be remembered?

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Emmanuel travels to Florida to cure a woman’s cancer, and he becomes aware that he’s being followed. He’s been followed before, but usually not by a teenager, so he hangs around and wanders from shop to shop, waiting for her to say something. Finally, after a couple of hours, he sits down on the patio of a restaurant and orders food, even though he doesn’t really eat, and after a few minutes she sits down across from him. She’s shinier than other people, and not just because she’s blonde and she sits in the chair that isn’t shielded by the table’s umbrella. She’s got a soul-shine, but she’s also got a deep heartache - the kind that comes from losing someone. The kind Emmanuel can’t fix. 

He has no way of knowing that her mother moved her here to try and get her closer to the sun, because she couldn’t stand the longing in her daughter’s eyes. He has no way of knowing what it is that she hopes with all her heart to find in his face. He’s not good at pop culture references or sarcasm, but he does know when to keep his mouth shut, and so he waits patiently while she watches him. 

“Who are you?” she asks finally. 


“Is that like a different angel?” she asks. 

“I don’t know. I got it from I found myself deprived of all my memories recently. Have we met?”

“No,” she says, a little too quickly. 

She gets quiet again, and for a while he lets her, but she begins to grow agitated and finally he says, “I can’t bring them back.”


“Whoever it is that you’ve lost. I can heal wounds of many shapes and sizes, but I can’t bring back the people who’ve been lost to us. I’m sorry.”

“He wasn’t lost, he was…” She swallows and turns away. 

“You’re angry.”

“No shit, Sherlock,” she snaps as she shoots to her feet, but she doesn’t leave. 

“Please, if I can help-“

“Can you -” her heartache is temporarily overshadowed by shame. 

“Anything I can do,” he presses gently. 

“Can you just hug me?” 

She looks embarrassed enough already so he doesn’t bother saying yes, he just gets to his feet and steps forward, opening his arms, and she dives into the them, buries her face in his shirt and squeezes him like he’s the only thing tethering her to the ground. He rests his chin on her head and they stand there quietly for a little while, as she listens to his heartbeat and he listens to her soul. Finally, she pulls away and he lets his arms drop to his sides. 

“I’m Claire. Claire Novak.” She holds out her hand and he shakes it. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Claire Novak.”

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too.”

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Awesome Minor Characters → Claire Novak

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