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Void Stiles (Nogitsune)

I can’t tell you how much I love drawing the Nogitsune

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canon footage of Derek Hale winning a fight

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Stilinski Hugs through the Seasons

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There’s a thousand reasons
Why I shouldn’t spend my time with you
For every reason not to be here
I can think of two
To keep me hanging on
Feeling nothing’s wrong
Inside your heaven

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I know you and I know what you really want. 

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"Too much information son, too much."

I might make this “Cards Against Humanity - Teen Wolf remix” into a thing. What do you guys think?

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suddenly need steter sentinel/guide fics


UH YES. (this is not a fic, it is a stream of consciousness SOMETHING):

peter as the sentinel that’s too powerful and aggressive for any of the government provided guides. he’s wild and calculating and dangerous enough to be locked up for the safety of everyone around him. it takes him six years or so, but he breaks free eventually — in a manner as violent and catastrophic as his powers permit.

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dude, you still got me.      i had you before

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Like Father like Son 2 / ?

  ↳ Those Stilinski physical gestures.

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derek hale + fire

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Inspired by this post.

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Be a vixen!

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