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p: so i’m going to give you a chance to save her. apologize. say that you’re sorry for decimating my family, for leaving me burned and broken for six years. say it - and i’ll let her live.
k: i’m sorry.

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this is way late but happy birthday laura!!! i love you a lot and i hope your day was awesome and i’m really really sorry this is late 

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just working on my Steter mating AU completely out of order with no idea where I’m going with it, la de da~

“I don’t understand any of this,” Stiles says, tugging at the hem of his T-shirt. “I wish you’d just fuck me and get it over with. This, it’s like having the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Peter uses a bookmark to keep his place and sets the book down, giving Stiles his full attention. “All right, Stiles,” he says. “I’ll tell you exactly when I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to do it when you actually want me to, rather than offering it to me so you can, as you say, ‘get it over with’.” He sees the look on Stiles’ face, confusion mixed with frustration mixed with gratitude. “Let me tell you why. It’s hormones.”

“Hormones?” Stiles echoes.

“Mm hm. Think of it like … wine. Everyone has their own particular tastes. Some people prefer a dry wine, or a sweet one, or an earthy one. Et cetera. Hormones and pheromones work much the same way, and because of the closeness that sex entails, they become somewhat overpowering during the act. The hormones you produce when you’re genuinely aroused are quite different from the ones you produce when you’re afraid or in pain. Some werewolves like the latter smell. Those are the werewolves who frequent the omega room, or use their prostitutes harshly. Personally, I don’t care for it. It isn’t the fear or pain specifically, it’s the …” He gestures slightly for Stiles to provide the word, as he’ll almost certainly know better.

Stiles swallows and says in a thin voice, “Revulsion.”

“Precisely. So to answer your question, Stiles, the day you truly want me to fuck you, I’ll know. I’ll know before you even figure it out yourself, and on that day, I will take you into my bed and show you what being mated to an alpha really is. But not a day before. Is that understood?”

Stiles nods. He lets out a breath. “What if that day never comes?”

Peter picks up his book and smiles. “It will.”


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rare among their k i n d.

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where you been, cain?
where you been?
where’s your brother?

HI LONG TIME NO ART??? i’ve been alternating between doing art for BBP or being super artblocked, and i’m only just getting through it fjhkjdsfds and my laptop kinda crashed and burned, so this is the first thing i’ve finished on my new computer \o/

i’ve been enjoying season 4 of teen wolf a whole lot and i wanted to get something done in time for the finale. the song that plays over the final scene of 4x11 is “cain” by cousin marnie and it really made me want to draw scott & stiles

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No more murders. No one’s dying.

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That night I caused the car crash… there’s a part I didn’t tell you about.

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Like a vengeful god I will raze this earth to the ground

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