codename: r.o.

so the sushi place that i went to for dinner is local and small and cute and it was super packed cause friday night, but i got a small table in the back and ate by myself while scribbling down words for daunt’s catboy belated-birthday fic.

dinner turned out delicious, naturally.

green tea. seaweed salad with sesame sauce. dragon roll (shrimp, avocado, eel, soy) — pictured below:

also pictured: the fic

dessert: tempura banana split — tempura fried bananas with red bean and green tea ice cream, hot caramel, candied walnuts, whipped cream and a cherry on top — pictured here:

all of it: fucking delicious. you’re allowed to be jealous.

now, the sushi chef is a big cuddly bear of adorable. i want to pinch his cheeks, and every time i see him, he seems to just really love what he does — like the food and the culture and his customers and all that. i don’t come to this restaurant often because it’s a little expensive for me, but i remember that he likes to sweep through the restaurant every now and then to make sure that his customers are happy with their meal.


so i’m sitting there, nomming on my delicious food and writing up catboy scott/stiles porn in a public restaurant, thinking that being in a back table will give me some semblance of privacy. the waitress is too busy to bother reading what i’m writing — taking my order, delivering food and whatnot — but the chef stays for a moment, asks after me, apologizes for disturbing my writing and then goes on his way. i don’t suspect a thing.


i’m saying my goodbyes, thanking them for a wonderful meal, wishing them a good night — it’s a small joint okay and it’s the south, everyone’s super nice and friendly.


and i’m like “HEE THANKS.” before realizing he might have seen me writing: “SCOTT CONTINUES TO SUCK LAZILY AT STILES’ ┬áNIPPLE.”


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  1. the1001cranes said: I love you and all your life choices but mostly the red bean and green tea ice cream. because.
  2. imakegoodlifechoices said: BUT YOUR HANDWRITING IS VERY NICE. (And I’m jealous of your sushi adventures. I love sushi. Earlier this week my job went and GOT US ALL SUSHI and I almost cried from happiness because my old job got us nothing but tears.)
  3. superfungirl91 said: Oh my god, I love you. That’s hysterical. I’m sure the chef got a good kick out of it, too.
  4. bookworm221b said: Let’s blame Daunt. Clearly she sent the chef to find out the status of fic.
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