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And then, there’s Allison, stepping sweetly up to the booth and presenting Stiles with three dollars. “Scott told me that you were good. Can I get the same deal?”

Stiles swallows thickly, nodding already, but doesn’t get a word out before Stacy has already taken Allison’s money and replied for him. “Of course! Go ahead, Stiles~!”

Maybe there will come a day when Stiles does not feel weird about kissing both his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend on the same day, but today is not that day. He hesitates a little, but then Allison is leaning in, her nimble fingers finding the shape of his jaw. Her eyes are lidded as he draws near, attention on Stiles’ mouth and Stiles suddenly, really wants to rock her world — wants to show her that Scott was totally right for telling her to come here.

He covers her hands with his and leans in and their mouths move together, open and wet, with their lips clinging to each other. He kisses her like he would if she were his to kiss, and she sighs, yearning, as she returns the favor. She tastes like — she tastes like—

Allison jerks back with a jolt when the egg timer rings, but Stiles follows her, lingering until Stacy snaps at him, “Stiles!”

He licks his lips but withdraws. “Good, yeah?” he says.

Allison nods, smiling nervously as her cheeks turn pink. “I’ll um… I’ll be back,” she says, fingers twisting together. “With Scott, I mean.”

“Yeah,” he agrees. “Do that. Bring him. That’d be good.”

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