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oh shit

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graphics battle ↔ vs thestilinskimen
     ↳ negative space, loneliness, color: #257c5c
inspired by x

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New fic up on the AO3! 

Public Displays of Affection
7K Sterek public sex pwp! 

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And as he thought this, the scar on his forehead burned so badly that he clapped his hand to it. “What’s up?” said Hermione, looking alarmed. “Scar,” Harry mumbled. “But it’s nothing … it happens all the time now”. None of the others had noticed a thing.

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Star Wars Locations - Created by Jared Gase

These classic posters are available for sale at Jared’s Society6 Shop.

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Things are different now...
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"Just how smart are you?" "What? I read."

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and when it’s dark out, no one’s around…it keeps glowing.

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yeah, i kinda got that feeling too.

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You guys.

Steve Rogers doesn’t know about Luke’s dad.

…What did that Avengers Tower movie night look like?

"Okay, I’ve got historical events and music so far. What movies do I need to see?" Steve asks, breaking out his notebook.

Some Like It Hot,” Bruce says immediately.

Robin Hood,” Clint puts in, to no one’s surprise.

Steve smiles. “Errol Flynn?”

Men in Tights.”


Natasha looks up from where she’s curled in an armchair. “The Sound of Music?”

Clint snorts. “I think he might object to the singing Nazis, Nat.”

Steve just raises an eyebrow. “Singing Nazis?” That one goes on the list.

"Ooh, in that case, Pearl Harbor,” Tony says.

A chorus of groans and protests meet his statement.

"What? I kind of want to see his head explode."

Steve does not put that one on the list. “Anything else?”

Star Wars,” Darcy says, without looking up from her phone.

The room goes silent. Everyone stops and stares at her like they’ve forgotten she stuck around after Jane went back to New Mexico. Which they probably have.


"Darce, you’re a genius,” Clint breathes.

Bruce actually smiles. “We are in the presence of the last unspoiled adult in the entire country.”

Tony’s eyes light up. “Oh my god, he doesn’t know that Vader is—”

Natasha has him in a choke-hold before anyone realizes she’s moving. “Not another syllable.”

Tony raises his hands in surrender, and Natasha loosens her hold. “What the hell was that about?” he wheezes.

She nods towards Bruce, who is looking somewhat green around the gills.

"Spoilers make him angry."

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