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ugh Ro I just want to blame you for everything


Stoker, AU, India/Whip, India/Chris, India/Charlie.

Tell me where it hurts, she’d say. Stop howling. Just calm down and show me where. But some people can’t tell where it hurts. They can’t calm down. They can’t ever stop howling.

Margaret Atwood


Whip doesn’t like nice girls, but anyone who thinks India Stoker is a nice girl is only fooling themselves.

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I could’ve sworn I heard you say that.

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i thought i told you kids not to get involved

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"This post ( /94108532001) actually just killed me. I'm actually typing to you from the afterlife right now. LIKE. POOR FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY STILES being so overwhelmed by hormones and wanting to be alone but NOT wanting to be alone and in the same minute wanting to be fucked hard enough he doesn't have to /think/ anymore but also wanting to be held and petted gently and cared for. "Hiccups out these sweet little apologies" sgkjtglksjdtdhfg imagine all the tears and flushed cheeks and weak limbs"





Ugh, and my FAVORITE, favorite part of this (aside from the FANTASTIC PORN that halfhardtorock wrote) is thinking about how after his heat has faded and he’s back to normal, he would refuse to even ACKNOWLEDGE that anything had happened. 

Like, can you imagine his dad a few days later being like “What happened to the framed pictures that were on the wall by the stairs?”

And Stiles being all, “Hmm, must have fallen.”

Or like the first time he sees Deputy Derek after it all and Derek’s giving him these heated looks and Stiles is all, “Take a picture, Deputy, it’ll last longer!” And then he laughs and goes back to his phone.

And it drives Derek NUTS because! WELL. Usually there’s residual heatbond ~feelings. And Stiles is just like “lalala i have no idea what you’re talking about no i never cried and begged for your knot. i did no such thiiiiing. GOTTA JET, ME AND SCOTTY ARE GOING TO THE MOVIES. LATER GATOR.”

You know… until his NEXT heat hits. And then it’s Stiles just… just SHOWING UP AT DEREK’S HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. But it’s still too early for SEX. He doesn’t — he doesn’t want THAT. He wants that stupid, horrible feeling of Derek being THERE FOR HIM. He’s SO ANGRY ABOUT IT THOUGH. Why does he have to need somebody? He doesn’t need ANYBODY but his DAD and SCOTT.

He doesn’t want to need stupid Deputy Derek with his unfair beard and hideous little rodent teeth and embarrassing ‘aww shucks’ smile that he tries to HIDE when it happens because he doesn’t want to ruin his rep by showing an emotion that isn’t SCOWLING. 


Stiles loves him.



Yes. He’d be such a little SHIT about it. Like whatever, nothing memorable happened. 

Which drives Derek nuts. Alphas and omegas usually get pretty attached. Like every single omega he’s ever knotted in town still smiles at him all warm and affectionate like an old friend when he sees them, even if it was just one time. And his relationship to them is always so concerned and thoughtful. Like he wants each and every one one of them to be happy and provided for. Sometimes he’ll end up over on the weekend at Mrs. Ellis’s house (who took his first heat-knot at 15), cleaning out her gutters for her and worrying over her carrying bags of fertilizer around by herself. He even checks her fire alarms to make sure they’ve got fresh batteries before he goes. HE’S AN ALPHA, IT’S WHAT HE DOES.

But Stiles like, blows him off and is all snarky and…and Stiles. Which. He just thought it would be different.

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Sailor moon collection II

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"dear carrie, can i please have spiderman!stiles/mary-jane!scott with the upside down kiss in the rain?"


"How did— how did you know where I live?" Scott asks, still breathless from their flight through town, zipping through buildings at a breakneck speed. They are hardly even wet, they had gone so fast it was like the rain didn’t have time to hit them.

Spiderman sets him down on his front porch, and Scott thinks the guy is smiling, but it’s hard to tell with the mask. 

"Everyone knows where you live, Scott," Spiderman says, climbing up to the porch roof.

"Wait— you know who I am?" Scott asks. 

Spiderman dangles from the top of the roof, arms flailing a bit, and Scott is suddenly struck with a similar memory, one where it’s his best friend instead upside down on his porch roof.

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Dylan O’Brien in the august issue of F*** magazine

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mother loaf chirping to tipsy babies

I thought chirping was an exaggeration but no. no that is actually a chirp

mother loaf

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hey but imagine stiles’ reaction when the pack all meets back up and scott smells like gasoline for the second time. stiles seeing scott with his damp clothes and his tired, slumped shoulders and breathing in the stink of the gas. what if he can’t stop himself looking at scott’s hands, looking around, getting more and more frantic. just in case there’s another flare.

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Tony in his lab, safe for work at this point in time.


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