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"You want me to lie?"

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Cause…we were all… in Mexico.

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[Peter/Stiles Teaser] Hades Wants (But Persephone Gets)


“You risk much, coming here,” Peter says, voice soft so as not to gain the attention of the nurses that pass by, but his gaze is focused, intense.

Stiles loses herself in that gaze for a long moment, unable and unwilling to break it. Peter’s eyes are damnably pretty, even with the scars that twist the side of his face into something nightmares are made of. She’s not sure how anyone could look at Peter and see a catatonic man, because even still and silent, the man’s presence is like a wild thing, powerful and heady and so damn feral; the monster within barely leashed, barely contained. Peter’s eyes are what truly gives his awareness away though: they are bright and avid, watching the world as it passes him by with an uncanny intelligence that even now makes Stiles want to squirm in her seat on his bed as that assessing gaze is focused on her. “Why?” she finally asks.

The man says nothing, merely quirks an eyebrow in question, and Stiles fists the thin blanket in her hands to stop herself from fidgeting. She’s so nervous, so excited; she doesn’t know what she’s doing or even why right now, but she can’t fight the pull she feels either. She hopes that this meeting will harden her resolve – one way or another.

“Why are you doing all this? Why not just kill whoever and be done with it? Why drag Scott into it? Why try and kill us?” Stiles unloads in one quick breath before she forcibly clamps her mouth shut. She has so many more questions, but she needs to give Peter the chance to answer them, if the man will at all. Stiles isn’t taking nearly as big a risk as Peter may seem to think: for some reason, Peter is lying low, is taking his time with his vengeance, and he won’t risk everything to murder a sixteen-year-old girl.

Or so Stiles hopes.

Peter’s lips quirk in a strange semblance of a grin, only there’s nothing like amusement in his face. “I need a pack, and Scott…. Scott was …convenient,” the man drawls, something predatory lingering in the gleam of his white teeth and quirked mouth. “It could have just as easily been you.”

Her breath catches in her throat as she stills, even her heartbeat pausing for a long, terrifying moment.

“Oh yes,” Peter purrs, leaning forward, nose flaring as the man scents the air, scents Stiles. “The second you darted off from your friend, racing like a wild thing in my woods, laughing and grinning, heartbeat echoing loud and clear in my ears, I almost had you.”

Stiles can’t move, can’t speak, can only stare in fascination at the Alpha leaning ever closer to her. She is mesmerized, hypnotized; lulled by Peter’s soft voice, and captivated by blue eyes as they begin to burn bright crimson.

He braces himself on the bed, hands a hair’s breadth from touching her thighs, as he leans in even closer, face mere inches from hers. She can feel the warm ghost of his breath on her lips, can see nothing but the hell-fire and fury of his eyes. She breathes him in, and unconsciously leans just a little bit closer to him, almost close enough to kiss. Her heartbeat accelerates at the thought, and she can’t help licking her lips, an old nervous twitch.

“I almost had you then, but your father caught you first,” he says, whisper soft. “It’s probably for the best.”

She swallows, eyes wide. “Why?”

She is fascinated by the wrinkles that crease the corners of his eyes as he smiles. “Because, Lykaios Stilinski, I would hate for your first bite to have been so unnecessarily violent,” he says, right before he kisses her.

It is not a gentle kiss. It is fierce and ferocious, teeth and tongue claiming her mouth with a vicious hunger she helpless but to give in to, allowing him to do as he wills. He leans forward even more, sliding his hands up the bed, using his upper-body to push her down and back without breaking his kiss. He moves between her legs as she unintentionally opens them, pressing against her fully, letting her feel a teasing hint of his half-hard erection.

And then she’s blinking at his ceiling dazedly, as Peter is mysteriously perched in his chair exactly as he had been earlier, stoic and bland and not a single hair out of place as a nurse passes by.

(She doesn’t know what she looks like to Peter, sprawled on his bed: flushed and panting, legs spread wide, nipples taut and teasing beneath the thin fabric of her shirt, lips swollen and pupils dilated. She smells of arousal and fear in equal measure, and layered just underneath, she smells like him. Peter can’t wait for his little game to be over, because when it ends, when he’s won, he knows just what prize he is going to claim.)

Just a little teaser. This is the fic that’s getting me back into full-time writing. This won’t be finished for awhile, but I really like this scene. ^^

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but seriously guys I was really confused when this did not happen?

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They tell us from the time were young

To hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves

Inside ourselves

I know I’m not the only one who spent so long attempting to be someone else

Well I’m over it

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The Neighbourhood//$ting

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how i feel when i wear glasses vs how i feel without them. by AlliCattt

where’s her oscar because this is a full movie in 6 seconds

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Creature In My Bloodstream - Rrrowr - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


Remember when I bragged about rrrowr writing a fic at me over on twitter?

It’s up on ao3 and it’s even hotter and better than I remember. And there’s a promise of MORE.

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nicknames i want to be used more

  • poppet
  • buttercup
  • sweets
  • champ
  • dearie
  • ducky
  • love
  • petal 
  • hunnibun
  • cherub
  • satanic offering
  • custard cream
  • lovebug
  • jelly baby

one of those is different

Yeah, custard cream is a bit weird

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Say What?! - The Many Faces and Meanings of Said (Requested)

First, let me clear up a rumor. Said is not dead. Said is very much alive. It’s a clever little word with an awesome ability - it can become invisible. Of all of the books I’ve read - and I’ve read many - I’ve never been jolted out of the fictional world because someone said something. That being said, it’s sometimes nice to switch things up and use different words, especially to convey a certain mood. That’s where this guide comes in. I’ve grouped many said synonyms into moods, and within those moods I’ve ranked them by how much emotion they convey. Onwards!

The Scale - little emotion, medium emotion, big emotion


joked, lilted, giggled, exclaimedlaughed, rejoiced, sang out, jabbered


groaned, snivelled, cried, mourned, blubbered, wept, bawledagonized, lamented, sobbed


asserted, retorted, ranted, snapped, growled, hissed, retorted, fumed, seethed, raged, thundered, roared, bellowed, snarled


insisted, argued, bossed, dictated, professed, barked, yelled, demandedordered, shrieked


yelped, groaned, whimperedcried out, howled, screamed, shrieked, wailed, bellowed, roared


squeaked, gasped, whimpered, stammered, screeched, shrieked


consoled, comforted, sympathised, agreed


beseeched, begged, implored, pleaded


grumbled, huffed, countered, argued, disagreed, retorted, agreed

Other Ways To Say It

quipped, raved, sputtered, squawked, asked, answered, explained, inquired, posed, pressed, called, pried, whispered, proposed, yammered, queried, interrogated, replied, breathed, croaked, requested, murmured, responded, retorted, suggested, prayed, purred, hollered, blurted, mumbled, sighed, complained, jeered

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